Online Coaching Classroom:
Super-Charged Visibility
Ways To Get Seen Fast When You're Starting Out + Dissolve The Fears That Stop You


Want to share your message far and wide & need to reach prospective clients quickly... but you're at a standing start? It's time to shortcut your way to spreading the word, by learning how to focus on getting in front of an audience fast (the easy way!) when starting out


This is for you, if...

  •  You are busy-busy posting on social, but your teeny audience is steadfastly ignoring you.
  •  You desperately want to talk to your audience - but have no platform yet 😳
  •  You get intimated by the idea of 'pitching' and getting rejected. What if no-one wants you?! #impostersyndromemuch
  •  You're a really chatty 'talker', but everyone's telling you to write via blogs, captions and email. Well good news - you don't have to!
  • You're much happier writing than talking, but everyone's telling you to do live video. You guessed it... you don't have to!
  •  You need to reach clients quickly - you simply don't have time to be patient while your group/account/following slowly builds. Enough already!
  • You haven't got the budget to 'pay' for an audience through ads (and FB Ads Manager confuse the hell out of you anyway 💸).

(with replay available too, in case you can't attend live)

Join Us For...

  • A full 90min Workshop; first half is all strategy, then we dive into the mindset.
  • Strategy session will walk you through how to find your audience and talk to them online (or IRL) via brand-buiding collaborations, guesting and partnerships.
  • Mindset session will be led by Guest Expert Louisa Hussey, EFT Practitioner to shift your blocks around being seen and support you to get visible confidently.

August Coaching Classroom Ticket: £47

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Together, we'll work through a step-by-step process to...

  • Find where your audience hangs out and who the key influencers, leaders and voices are in your industry
  • Understand how to build a win/win collaboration, no more feeling like you're treading on toes again!
  • Create opportunities for invitations to land in your inbox - no more pushy pitching
  • Play to your natural strengths to show up on online 'stages' in a way that feels bold, yes, but GOOD too!
  • Shortcut the time it takes to talk to your 'people' by finding ready-made audiences packed full of your ideal clients
  • PLUS an attendee-only opportunity to access further accountability support with both me & Louisa. You lucky thing 😊 


What do previous Coaching Workshop Attendees have to say?

"Lucy, this was SO helpful. Totally gave me a structure and focus that I can work to now that makes sense of all the noise in my head. Such a worthwhile way to spend the time this morning. Thank you." - Claire Brown, Claire Brown Coaching & Consulting

"It was awesome. Amazed by how good you are at all this, not just your knowledge but how you get it across to those of us for whom it doesn't come easily." - Elle James, Greater Manchester Doulas CIC

"Thanks so much Lucy - it was so helpful! I would have been a bit intimidated... but you made it feel really accessible, and I feel less overwhelmed by the prospect of managing the process now. Looking forward to getting stuck in!" - Tamsin Williamson, The Parenthood Coach

A little about me...

Hi! I'm Lucy Green, a certified Business Coach, experienced Development Consultant, peppermint tea obsessive and Mama to two lively little girls.

I love to work with socially driven enterprises and creative, independent female business owners as they realise big ambitions and take their next step up.

I hold a BA in Management, a Diploma in Business Enterprise, and have studied with the Coaching Academy in both Personal Performance Coaching and Executive Coaching. I've worked with hundreds of wonderful clients including artists, creatives, coaches, consultants, therapists, entrepreneurs and socially focused start-ups.

I especially enjoy helping women who are running their own ventures. Women who are ready to step up and surprise themselves a little by finally delivering the level of impact that they know, deep down, they are truly capable of... is that you?

Introducing your Classroom Guest Expert: Louisa Hussey, EFT Practitioner

Hi, I'm Louisa!

I'm a transformational EFT practitioner and coach. EFT (also known as tapping) is a little known technique based on acupressure points, NLP and modern psychology.

I specialising in supporting self-employed women to get rid of the fears holding them back from building the business of their dreams. You might be frightened of what people might say. Scared to increase your rates. EFT will safely, and quickly dissolve some of the fear and leave you open to confidence and bravery.

When used in conjunction with the strategy that Lucy provides, you'll be fully equipped to actually do the work you want to do!